Regula contra Regulam
Grotowski InstituteEducational Programme
AWARENESS  ten days with Grotowski
Masterclass with Gabriele Vacis (Italy)
Saturday 9th May, h 18.00
Laboratory Theatre Space, Wroclaw (Poland)
Admission free
in italian with consecutive polish translation
AWARENESS  ten days with Grotowski
In 1991 Grotowski held a workshop in Turin. The workshop lasted ten days. Ten lessons during which he talked about theater and told his own history. The audience consisted mainly of actors, directors, students and teachers, but I think that anyone, whatever he did in life, could have learnt something. We organized that workshop with Teatro Laboratorio Settimo, together with University and Teatro Stabile of Turin. So, during the two weeks of his stay, I had the opportunity to take care of Grotowski and his workshop. He spoke French during the work, with short sentences translated in Italian by his assistant, Carla Pollastrelli. Thanks to that slowness of this speech, I could take notes which are almost a transcription of his lessons. I would like to tell you about those ten lesson, those two weeks of Grotowski in Turin, according to that notes. Those who knew him, knows he was really jealous of his thought. He was very big on his fidelity and precision. He could not stand very much who spoke on his behalf. For this reason I wish to clarify that in no way I want to interpreter Grotowski’s thought. I will only tell what I understood from his lessons: the story of the meeting with an extraordinary man, with a master.

Gabriele Vacis

Director and author of theater, television, radio and film. He promoted and directed festival among which “Torino Spiritualità”. He is one the founders of “Laboratorio Teatro Settimo”. He has been permanent director of the “Teatro Stabile” in Turin and manager of the “Teatro Regionale Alessandrino”. He directed the courses of acting and direction in the theater school “Paolo Grassi”, In Milan. He published “Il racconto del Vajont” and based on this, a television trasmission winner of three Television Oscar Prizes in 1997. He directed big events among which the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Turin. His movie “Uno scampolo di paradiso” won the Jury Prize at the Annecy Festival. At the moment he is artistic director of “I Teatri” in Reggio Emilia.
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